American Flag L & R Vinyl "MultiCam Flags" STICKER SET

American Flag L & R Vinyl Sticker set 

each set comes with two stickers, LEFT & RIGHT facing flags.

5.45" x 3"

Durable Vinyl sticker on registered MultiCam®

Camouflage Pattern Vinyl 6 mil thickness.

**The white in the photo is just the sticker backing, it goes away when installing the sticker!**

To install: 1. Carefully remove white sticker back making sure the sticker stays on the transfer sheet. 2. Place sticker where you wish. 3. Apply pressure to the transfer sheet, can use a credit card to glide across transfer sheet. 4. Remove transfer sheet and admire your work!

Material resists scratching, heat, water and sunlight

Calendered Adhesive Vinyl Film 
(air release channels for easy application) 
* Application on flat surfaces only (no compound curves)