Woodland M81 & Desert Chocolate Chip Camo Snap back - Custom patch panel - low profile hats

Hat with custom patch panel Woodland M81 & Desert Chocolate Chip snap back - low profile

One size fits most

Woodlands M81 front & brim / Black mesh 

Desert Choc Chip front & brim / Brown mesh

Velcro square up top, very comfortable with ear pro

Each hat comes with a PS Patch Designs 1" x 1.4" ranger eye

You can wear my brand or swap it out for a ranger eye of choice!

3 loop panel shape options
1. RE sized 1"x1" square
2. Flag sized 2" x 3.25"
3. Circle 2" round

**Patch panel can be customized, as shown it is a 1" x 1" panel on the left side or 2x3.25" center flag sized panel, and 2" circle. Want something custom? shoot me an email and I can try and make it happen. **